Product Ladder

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain, Author

We’ve developed an impressive array of workshops, seminars and services that fit the needs of virtually every business




This is our signature program and the most intense, results driven coaching any business owner can put to use. Our one-to-one coaching system is so solidly proven that we guarantee results for our clients. We are confident it works, anywhere, in any economic environment.




In ActionCLUB, members work in a group setting with other business owners. This program educates on best business practices and teaches how to grow revenues and profits. ActionCLUB is a perfect way to learn about the coaching process before taking the step to one-to-one coaching.




You’d probably be surprised if you knew how few business owners actually plan for success. GrowthCLUB meets every quarter to develop 90-day planning cycles for the business. It is offered in a group setting to give clients an environment to share ideas with other business owners.


Your business plan is a powerful tool to support the growth of your business, growth of your cash flow and your personal outcomes for being in business …

Quick access to your on-line business planning systems for … a more powerful way to plan the future of your business!


Most business owners are too concerned with working IN their business that they don’t have time to work ON it and make real money. BusinessRICH is a 2-day group coaching workshop that teaches business owners real strategies that generate real wealth.


SeminarCLUB encompasses a number of workshops for teams or groups. These training sessions run the gamut in professional development, including…

and other titles. The focus is to teach professional skills as well as other aspects of everyday business.





Our AssessmentsONLINE tools are designed to improve many business function areas like streamline the hiring process, reduce turnover, build a great team, and customize training, as well as increase profits, sales and customer services. Gaining understanding into personalities, learning styles and behavioral traits makes managing business easier and more productive.




ProfitCLUB is a great way to jumpstart the coaching process. ProfitCLUB consists of informal peer-to-peer networking events and educational breakfast meetings, during which clients become familiar with ActionCOACH while meeting other business owners and learning strategies for their business.



DVD CLUB brings Brad Sugars straight into your clients’ homes with 10 DVD titles each designed by Brad to deliver his message of abundance through business re-education, along with actionable strategies your clients will be able to put to use immediately.



Brad is the author of 15 books, including the Best Selling Instant Series of books and his latest, Buying Customers. Each of Brad’s books focus on a different area of business and he delivers them in straight-forward language that even the most inexperienced business person can understand. BookCLUB is a great way to familiarize your clients with our teachings and help them get ahead.