Group Coaching Programs

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain, Author


Weekly Group Coaching

R 4,500 per business per month*

This programme in all about coaching in person with me in a group-coaching environment, broken down into approximately one hour weekly sessions at an agreed time. We will cover business strategies, marketing and the practical application of these strategies in the running of your day to day business, team building, system implementation, testing and measuring, results of the strategies implemented and any challenges you may be having. Three to four businesses per group session are the norm.



Business Foundation Builder

R 13,200 per business per program* 

ActionCLUB is a programme that builds a strong foundation for a business around ALL the key fundamentals of business. It is a set program of eight 3 hour sessions run every fortnight that lead you through the key components of running a business. During the programme, you will learn how to:

* up to 2 attendees per business…