Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Sir Winston Churchill, Former British Prime Minister

Free HEALTH 180 Business Diagnostic Reveals the Most Effective Way For You To Improve Your Business, plus the key areas for you to start on right now!!


Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Your Health180 Business Diagnostic has been the culmination of two decades worth of business experience. Working directly with business owners to find the root causes of “why a business was not performing as expected” and “how to move the business toward greater success” has resulted in the creation of Health180…



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If you are not satisfied that your Health180 has given you ideas on what’s going on in your business … I’ll give you a bonus 45 minute Health180 discovery telephone meeting.


Your Health180 Free Business Diagnostic covers 9 key areas within your business:

This is a great Free Business Diagnostic if you want a decent report toward areas you want to change in your business. It gives clarity toward where the business is going well and those areas you really need to focus on. You strengthen the areas where your business is doing well and mitigate those areas of weakness or threat.


“This Health180 Free Business Diagnostic is not a ‘weak’ diagnostic for the purpose of gaining leads for us … its a strong diagnostic process for those business people who want real change and value for time.” Nic Clark


If you’re looking at a way of segmenting areas to work on … then the Health180 Business Diagnostic is a great start. It covers 180 specific areas within your business. Simple questions, rating response and printout ensure you get a value return for the time spent doing the diagnostic.


You can also return at different times to adjust your responses.


Even though this is a Free Business Diagnostic … its great value for money. In the past, clients have paid for the combined diagnostic, meeting and forward direction. However, we have segmented the diagnostic from the meeting and planning process to create this Free Business Diagnostic so you get value. If a meeting is desired, we can set one up … however this is up to you.After a lot of research and time working with clients, we are convinced this Health180 Free Business Diagnostic is the best available. Enjoy your free Health180 Business Diagnostic … we look forward to your feedback.